Sunday, October 24, 2010

Song of the month! Marvin Gaye - "Inner city blues"

I listen to a lot of music on a daily basis, well, because I wouldn't function without it. My love for music is similar to an addiction of chocolate, liquor or whatever it is that one would be addicted to. I have come into a new phase were I am very serious about Motown music. I have always adored the magical Motown sounds and have tried to put together a semi decent collection.

I have classic favourites like Donnie Hathaway, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and many more who have wowed me into this very alive genre of music. I say very alive because as much as it is not popular culture to listen to legendary music like that in this day, when you do listen to it, and you do love it, apart of you feels so alive, or feels as thought it missed out on one of the most exciting times in music.

My song of the month is "Inner city blues" by the one and only Marin Gaye, who is the quintessential pioneer of Motown music. I am addicted to his music and listen to it on a daily basis. There is something really special and real about music of that time. Lovers were really in love, people in the struggle were struggling and good times were just that, good.

"Inner city blues" is just a feel good song as far as I'm concerned, even though it speaks about struggle and pain. I guess I feel good, when I'm having an "inner city blues" day, when listening to this song. Each verse describes a problem everyone has encountered. The song speaks to people who have nothing, people who are struggling with day to day survival, and people who find it hard to pay taxes. Those people exist. I've even started noticing them ever since I developed a relationship with this song. You see them in traffic, on the street waiting for a taxi, in their luxury cars and on t.v. I guess, this song basically makes me feel like I'm not the only one whose struggling, there are plenty of others who are worse of them I am. But, irrespective of that, you go on with life after you've cried and complained about how unfair life is. It has a beautiful, soulful melody, that is very old school and very Motown. You can almost see the hipster's and Afro's as you close your eyes and listen to this master piece. Not to mention Marvin Gaye's very some, sultry, strong voice, seducing you with his words of disapproval. Go out and get it. It's a classic, it's Motown, it's Marvin Gaye!

(Marvin Gaye image is courtesy of google images)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Greenside Stories! "The office" review.

Today I decided to hit the vibey and young streets of Greenside, in hopes of capturing fashionable unsuspecting drifters for a school assignment. Fashion media is the subject, and I have to take pictures of what I think is on point street fashion.

So as I try to progress in my quest to find these fashionable young things, my classmates and I get totally distracted by a hip happening restaurant/club named the office. "What an odd name for a restaurant" is what came to my mates minds. It's a quirky, funky spot with half priced cocktails from 4pm - 6pm on friday, and tasty tapas to sooth a roaring appetite. The music is rather on the 80's and 90's side of life which adds charm and nostolgia to the place, not to forget the most important thing, the service! The service at the office is amazing!!! The waiters know just which concoction to offer a customer who is feeling down and out, on top of the world or feeling like a king. Service comes with a smile, plenty of laughs and probably to much liqour!

The office get's a 4/5 from Aluxism! It may not be on the fabulous side of life, but very much the fun side!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Flashing lights"!

It's been quiet a while since I blogged about anything. My last post was about my work experience at fashion week which was amazing when I look upon it now. The past three months have been hectic. All I've been thinking about is money and working like a demand for it. I have Aluxism which is my brand that I am trying to grow into something sustainable, and into a money maker. I have no issues expressing that money is at the forefront of what I want to obtain, and feel like I'd be lying if I stated something else.

I watched the movie "Wall Street 2", that I felt captured how I feel about money, maybe not as extreme as some people, but the gist of the story I felt spoke to me. Money never sleeps, and neither should you if your on the paper chase. People confuse that fact that fame and money come hand in hand, that is not the case at all. I would rather say that power and money have a better chance. This is why I love Johannesburg. The stench of the hustlers spirit is very pungent and reeks from corner to corner. People in Johannesburg are like no other. We(some of us) work for our money in Jozi. We hustle, kick push and think about coasting once we've made headway. We see the flashing lights, Aston's and Bentley and want to have dinners at high end places like The Melrose Arch hotel and live at the Michelangelo in Sandton.

That is what we do it for here in the city of dreams. If anyone were to say different I'd say your lying. We do for imports like Fendi and Dolce, not for the local industry. Flashing lights is what I call this movement, because Kanye West said it best. "She don't believe in shooting stars, but she believes in shoes and cars"is the most appropriate quote for the female hustlers in my city. We do get blinded by the lights, that bigger things pass us by. But when a Joburg girl is focused, good luck keeping her back.

This post is to everyone who needs motivation and who aspires to live an Alux life, and that is a life not with style, but in it.


Friday, October 1, 2010

SAFW - Always a learning experiance.

Fashion week is upon us, and I am one of the many budding fashion lovers who is working at the festive event. It's day 3 of the event, I actually wanted to cover the event on my blog on a day to day basis, but time would not allow it. I have not see any shows due to the fact that I am working for SAFW behind the scenes. It is but a glamorous job that I have acquired, but one that I do enjoy. Helping the process of putting together a show is an intense and tedious process. There are lots of tears, laughs, cursing, shouting, rantings and a sense of solidarity at the end of the day. This job has reminded me of the reason I love fashion and why I want to be in the industry. The message come across loud and clear yesterday when I was on the brink of quitting. "Everything ain't for everyone" was the message that come out. I in vision my own vision and expectations of what I think SAFW will be or what its about, and year after year a different image exposes itself. I finally understand that I may notice or understand it, but have learnt something from it. And learning is one thing like fashion and trends that never stops.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Janelle Monae-That good old sound! Song of the month!!!

Janelle Monae is the artist with this months song of the month, which I haven't had in a while. What gets to me about this song is that it hasn't reached the level of success I feel it deserves in this country. People know how to jerk, lean back and side-kick, but have no idea how to do the tight rope or even know what it is!!!!

Let's start and look at the song, I love it. It's that old school, groovy, swing, soul music, where you had your background singers who rearly feature, but whose presence would be missed if they were not there. The trumpet makes this song for me so beautiful and makes me feel as though an element of jazz or fusion and are added when I hear it. The violin is ever so subtle yet so necessary. I can't help myself but rein act dance moves of the 60's, 70's and 80's when I listen to this song. Her voice has just the right amount of strength and soul to give it that umph that it has. The video, I'm not to clear on what's happening on that front, but they're dressed, I feel to the time and genre of this music that she sings. That music where you would watch your favourite group on TV performing 20 years back, and round up your friends, siblings and parents and watch in amazement while the artist thrilled your minds. The dance moves are very smooth and entertaining, and a bit tough to get down. But once perfected that's all you wanna do when you listen to this genre of music, and this song in particular! This song and artist are definitely something amazing and necessary to the music seen. I almost feel like I lost my faith in music! And then it was redeemed!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Here we go again!

(Images are courtesy of google images) This is more like it!

So the last post was all about J-hud and how she and the gym are like the best of homies and have a super beneficial relationship. This hen inspired me to hit the gym, but in all honesty I haven't! I'm feeling terrible and think of how amazing I could have been looking by now if I just stuck with it. I'M GOING TOMORROW MORNING. I must say, I'm super terrified!!! The tredmill is going to kick my ass and so will everything else in there! But I'll take it one step at a time. Summer is around the corner, and there's nothing more unattractive and discomforting then a fat person in summer, on the beach, in a bikini with cottage cheese! Wish me luck! (This just ain't it!!!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gym, gym gym!!! J-Hud is on it, and now, so am I!

So the other day, I was watching E news and I see someone familiar, but not so familiar. Jennifer Hudson lost a hell of a lot of weight. She used to be bigger than me, now I'm the big one. Once things like that start happening, you kinda wonder and start to think about how you were all that once, but ain't no-more, when in fact you lost focus and thought you'd be the hottest ish in the world cause there are people bigger than you! That mind set needs to change for everyone. I mean I have packed on a little person worth of weight and I know that's not OK, but I still eat and chill, knowing I have a gym membership and someone to help me slenderise. But we must always remember, you can take a pig to lake, but you can't force it to drink the water, well it goes something like that. I know losing weight is all about being disciplined, and that it really isn't impossible and that your the only person who is stopping yourself. So I have decided to capture my weight lose on my blog, so that if I fall flat on my face or don't put in the necessary action and discipline that people on my blog can laugh about it. J-hud looks good, and I'm jealous. Its not freakin better that winter is on it's way, and that going to gym is going to hurt and is going to take a lot out of me, but if I want it enough I guess I'll put in what it takes. It's the 20 May 2010, lets see how I'm doing by the 20 June! Wish me luck!

Monday, March 22, 2010

WTF was Scott thinking?!!!! Keeping up recap.

So I know that I haven't been keeping up on the keeping up recap, that's my bad, but I felt that there was nothing too exciting to blog about. This past Sunday(21 March '10) was just crazy!!! Scott went to freaking far! It was Kim's birthday so the family decided to go to Vegas to go celebrate the big event. Scott was invited too and what a huge mistake that was. There was a business meeting taking place as well that Kris organised, oh I forgot to tell you, Scott works for Kris now so he was part of that meeting too. I know that Kris has been on Scott's case about not having a job and stuff, but can you blame her? Kourtney is pregnant and her baby daddy ain't got a job, I mean really, can you blame her for being on his case? No!!! So anyway, Scott takes it so bad that Kris is all up in his grill about the situation that he decides to get motherless with Rob at the hotel their staying at. Now here is where the drama starts. The first thing the loser does is interrupt Rob while he is chillin with a female acquaintance, and carries on to call Robs friend a hoe and so on. Then the next thing is Scott is wrecking Kim's penthouse apart and making a hell of a noise while the girls are trying to get ready for Kim's birthday dinner. Then the freakin cream cheese comes through where he is now at Kim's birthday dinner, drunk,causing a scene in front of his boss and Kim's family saying the most crazy things, and then attacks a waiter by shoving a hundred dollar bill down his throat because he wouldn't get Scott a drink(due to Kris's orders). I mean it was complete madness. I knew that Scott was a loser, I just wasn't sure how big of a loser he was. I mean I was so appalled by this that I kept changing the channel. I mean really Kourtney, I know you love your man and want a daddy for your baby, but is he really worth it?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aliuxism's sirens of yester year!!

Firstly, lets identify what a siren is."In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were three dangerous bird-women, portrayed as seductresses" (\

Why the topic of sirens?I was just thinking the other day about the whole sexy movement. Who started it, who owns it and who determines who or what is sexy. Last year sometime I was watching channel 109 on DSTV aka TCM(Turner Classic Movies), and the movie Butterfield 8 was playing. I loved this movie the first time I saw it, and it also didn't hurt that an icon of mine was the the leading lady in this picture. It's about a prostitute who falls in love, yes it's kinda like Pretty woman before pretty woman, but not really. The leading lady was Elizabeth Taylor. I mean nothing and no one epitomises or embodied being a siren like she did. In her day she was the beginning and end of beauty, and very few woman could even think about disputing that very obvious fact. Ms. Taylor was not the only one from that time who set of smoke alarms or caused car accidents. Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe (just to name a few) were also considered the cream of the cream back in their day. Woman wanted to be them and men wanted to be with them. Ava drove a billionaire banana's(Howard Huges),Brigitte, a hairstyle that launched a million imitations and Marilyn, well, lets just say the happy birthday song never sounded sexier! All four of these ladies were not just eye candy, but were all highly successful at their craft, but they each had that extra something that your Katherine Hepburn's, Ingrid Bergman's and Lauren Bacall's didn't have. Sex appeal. In those days it was all about being Conservative, what will the neighbours think and a woman can't do what a man does. Ava, Brigitte, Elizabeth and Marilyn showed that they didn't need to approve anything to anyone, they were who they were, and most of the time if not always it was more than enough to keep the world entertained and in awe.

To the left Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Brigitte Bardot

Ava Gardner

One thing that I've notice with that generation and our generation is that, that generation was very subtle with sexiness, but it was still sexy! I mean you could have your knee's covered and your shoulders covered and still be one hell of a hottie! Now a days you can't show enough! I mean video girls, clubbing girls and "working girls" all look the same. Trashy, not even the littlest bit sexy. The sirens of yester year were still very much ladies who were mannered and exuded sex appeal, they never had to flaunt it! This brings me to the next question, who are the sirens of today? I have my pick of ladies who I think are completely 100% sirens.

At number four, she is just true class and beauty, it is siren No. 4 Catherine zeta Jones

At number three we have a very quiet and captivating beauty who is so sexy, but has never even tried to be, it's Ashwarya Rai!

At number two it is someone who I have always thought was true sexiness, from her deep, sultry voice to her luscious lips and ultra curvaceous body, its Scarlett Johansson! We even share a birthday!!!!

Number 1 is the most confident, amazingly beautiful and strong Angelina Jolie. I have no words except to say she is the siren of sirens right now!

(Images are courtesy of google)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Karl ia King!!!!

The king of chicness, timeless style and elegance Karl Lagerfeld has produced a marvel of a collection at this years 2010/11 Paris Fashion week. The collection was futuristic yet classic at the same time, showing that this master of fashion knows how to fuse the two without it getting nasty. The futuristic trends that I have seen seem to be rather O.T.T(over the top) and unwearable. Crazy colours and shapes that sream of costume attire gone sour have been a popular trend that I can only discribe as sh*t. But now a fashion god has come to the rescue and beyond to deliver what I deam one of the best collections I have ever seen from Mr. Lagerfeld. When looking at the collection I see cohesion, I see timeless style, not to forget quality and sophistication. The Karl Lagerfeld woman is always the epitomy of class and style and he proves it once again in this collection. I also feel that this look embodies Karl Lagerfelds own style, but this is the female version. Doesn't the black and white colour scheme remind you of a certain designers particular signature style? I find it very reminicent of Mr. Largerfelds legendary black and white suite and all that is missing is a pair of gloves. the look is clean, smart and beatuiful and still with all of that it looks very simple and easy to enjoy. Hip hip horay Mr. Largerfeld, you did it again! This is one forthe archives!

Picture abouve: Karl Lagerfeld (All images are courtesy of

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dior, Dior, Dior!!!!!

Late night as I was scanning through my dstv, I landed up on Ftv just in time to watch the Christian Dior show. I'm lost for words right now as I try to explain just how amazing the show was. John Galliano personified perfection like I've never seen it before(well, Bottega Veneta always gets it for me) with the autumn/winter collection he unvailed at Paris fahion week. It was sweet, elegant, strong, sexy and sophisticated. I normally think Galliano goes a bit O.T.T(over the top) with his collections, but this time I was pleasently suprised. The fabrics, the colours, the hair and make-up were just on point. 11/10 for Mr. Galliano, I can't wait to see what other designer are goign to offer us eager fahionista's!

(All these images are courtesy of

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Song of the month!

Hey there! So I have the song of the month for March, in fact I have two of them. I have two beautiful ladies anthems, for those days when you either remeber you douchbag of an ex or when you and your beloved one are havng a lovers tiff. The songs are(drumroll)......... Amerie featuring Fabuolous, "More than love" and Latoya Luckett featuring Ludacris, "Regret". Those two are just amazing songs, by two extremely stylish ladies. "More than love" is typical soulful Amerie, great beats, touching lyrics and an amazing video with Ameries high fashion self. So far I feel like she's just killing this new album "In love and war". Her songs really seem to represnet the name of this albumn, I'm so buying it! Then we have Latoya Luckett with "Regret", a really hot song. My girlfriend rang me last night and told me to watch on a music channel, cause she was losing her mind. As I carried on listening to it I was like, "yeah Latoya, I know a nergo or 3 who regret cos they were acting the fool when I was around, but now that I'm gone, they ain't shit"! I love the lyrics, they are very strong and touching to every woman, cos we all been done wrong, the beat is just perfect, mellow, yet I'm feeling it and the video is ok, but her outfits are on point. I love the studded jacket she's rocking in that vid, just too hot. So there you have it, your songs of the month. Enjoy!

Amerie feat. Fabuolous "More than love". Amerie is officially my new style icon. She kills it repeatedly!

Latoya Luckett feat. Ludacris "Regret". Latoya's studded jacket is too hot! Holla at you honey!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Other Half! Part 1

(Jay-z and Beyonce aka The Carter's)

So now we're out of the month of love and into a month of no meaning, but all is still good. There is a new song of the month, new car of the month and so on. I just want to touch on something really quick, I should have used it for the month of love, but it is what it is. Have you ever seen a couple that was just so perfect that you could see the member's of this couple with anyone else? For example Beyonce and Jay-z, Posh and Becks, Will and Jada. Could you image these people seeing other people? No!!! Why do I say no? Because they complete each other! They execute the power couple brand thing extremely well. Jay-z will never be the force he is without his other half B and vice versa. Victoria has been the driving force in terms of Davids appearance and him becoming a brand all together. Will and Jada seem to have a simple kind of love that seems effortless and natural, but between each other.

Where does all this come from?

(David and Victoria Beckham aka DVB)

I have a gorgeous girlfriend, an absolute stunner of a woman who is pure joy, excitement, brilliance and craziness. I've heard about this guy and that guy, my ex my sex and so on. I've hung out with her, laughed, drank, done it all with her and feel that I've seen many sides to her. She's warm and affectionate, very sweet and extremely loving. I could on and on about just how wonderful she is. Anyway, to get to the core of the story, I believe I found her "other half"! That's exciting stuff going on right there. I mean they couldn't be more right for each other! They could be the future Jay and B, Posh and Becks, Michelle and Barack and so on. So I told my friend about this guy and she seemed not a little bit fazed by what I had said so I suggested that they needed to meet. And they have!!!! But I wasn't there!!! It doesn't matter, point is that it went down. It looks like good news, but I still have to find out. I'll be back with Part 2 of "The other half" story. Peace, Alux!!

(Will and Jada Pinkett Smith aka Mr & Mrs Smith)

(Imagaes are courtesy of Google Images)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Song of the month!

So I think that I have finally found this months song of the month.(Drumroll)....... Love twins by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross!!! One of my all time favourite songs! I wish that in this day and age that music like that was still produced! So whats new? I had one of the most amazing days last week saturday. It was totally unplanned and just filled with laughter, good company and just a very easy ambiance! Its amazing how things turn out in life. There's a saying that "you should expect the unexpected", but sometimes its just something so out of the grey! Alux!

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Keeping up" recap and stuff!

So last night was an hour of "Keeping up with the Kardashian's". Scotty boy just keep's showing what a loser he can be. He looks amazing as if he should be the face of Gucci or Hermes for men or something, but he just looks lie a lazy bastard! Thaqnk goodness that Rob is about to move on because he was being a little biatch about the whole Adrienne story. He cheated and now he needs to face the music, that Adrienne don't want him no-more. And whats worse is that he has her name tattoo'd on his body, for life, so how's that going to work with the next woman in in life? Best get that laser quick! Oh, and oor Bruce! Kris is a greedy little munchkin who needs to let Bruce be a man and have his own account, his own money! I mean he works hard for it, so he should get to spend it. I mean Bruce and Scott don't have a freakin chance with them crazy women! I love em like banana's, but seriousl they need to relax!

Holla at ya tomorrow, hopefully with some exciting news!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new, new on thee Aluxism blog!

I have a new segment for the blog, not that it's new, but its going to be a fixture . I'm not sure how often this segment will feature, but I'll let it be known. What is this thing that I'm talking about? A car feature of course!! I'll be looking at new cars, old cars, good cars and other cars. I absolutley love cars! The same way people love dogs, or collecting shell, I love to look, sit inside and invision myself in something ridiculously stunning! In a previous feature on the blog, I mentioned that sometimes I feel like a Maserati. Expensive, gorgeous and uniqe. Sometimes I feel like a conquest, tired, boring and unattractive. This however is nothing like that. I'm going to talk about the car, whether I wish I had it or didn't, whose driving, is it a good car or not, where I saw it and what my boys on top gear have to say about it. Todays car is(drum roll)................ The BMW 760i! Let's give it a hand! Seriously, I thought the previous 7 was like the best that BMW would be able to do with a 7, but no, they did just beautiful. It's the kind of car you drive and really become a serious bully. Its only the best with that car, from the enjoy to the luxurios interior and it's well toned body. The new 7 is kind of like looking at what Miranda Priestly
would have looked like if she was car. Seriously, that car means business. Imagine a C-Class or an Audi A6 next to this god of a car, it's like Beyonce being in competiotn with Taylor swift,why would you do that, you don't have a chance! The 7 series is said to be the first car with internet, but who cares, its a hot car that moves! I'm sold!I've never been a beemer fan, but I wont lie, it's out done ever other car in it's league. Wait, wait, I take that back. The S-Class by Mercedes-Benz is very much a hot car too. So I won't go to the extremes, I think I'll leave it at it being amazingly beautiful and move on. I could have this conversation all day and say, but no, what about the Maserati Quattroporte? So I'll leave it there. Alux!

7 Series
(Images are courtesy of google images)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The music industry is a joke!"

Beyonce Knowles

Taylor Swift

The day started off really bad, I was super exhausted, I couldn't fall asleep last night and the reason is truely pathetic. It was all because of Taylor Swift!!!! I was watching the grammy's last night and come to the conclusion that the music industry is a joke! The fact that Beyonce "Powerhouse" Knowles Carter loses to Taylor "I don't even know what song of your was a hit" Swift can happen means that we can all win. I mean this is Beyonce Knowles, aka Mrs Sean Carter, Taylor Swift never had a chance. Taylor needs to send Kanye West a thank you letter on the real! So if you would like a grammy, fly to the States and release a wack, absolutley boring album! At the same time, I am only one person, I guess there are people who love her rediculously weak music out there and they share in Taylor's achievement. Lets not get it twisted, I like country music. I mean Carrie Underwood, she's incredible. She has a such a strong, beautiful vioce and some really lovely songs. If she won I would totally understand. But no, Taylor Swift won. Anyway, I'll get over it. Alux!

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