Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Farewell to a pioneer. R.I.P Steve Jobs

On the 5th October 2011, previous CEO and Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away whilst battling cancer. I've never been an Apple fan or even really knew who he was until a couple of months ago, but I knew the Apple brand. Aluxism is paying its respects to the late Steve Jobs because he was a pioneer, a dreamer and brilliant businessman. Steve Jobs was once a young person with dreams and ambitions like we all do,who worked hard, probably not imagining the success it would become and made his dream come true. Apple is a globally recognised brand that I looked at as a technological fashion brand. Many companies sell laptops, pc's, and mobile phones, but when the iphone come out, it changed the face of technology. When the Apple mac made its debut, it was sleek, stylish and got the job done. Most Apple products if not all have a certain design aesthetic that seems to be more desirable and physically appealing to the masses. Not to take away anything from the rest of the Apple team, because Steve Jobs was part of that amazing team that revolutionised technology and design. Apple will forever be part of you legacy. R.I.P Steve Jobs

"Have the courage to follow ur heart & intuition. They already know what u truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - Steve Jobs

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A real fairy tale wedding! Will and Kate forever!

So finally the big day had arrived, and I was totally opposed to even watching the royal wedding, until my friend came to my place and forced it upon me. Posh and Beck's I felt would be my highlight. I think they were dressed so appropriately and didn't take the focus away from what that day was about. The Beckham's looked chic, regal and very much like they belonged there.

The real deal, and moment when I finally realised what the fuss, the count downs, betting pools and excitement was about, was when Katherine Middleton come out of her gorgeous Rolls Royce, looking ever so beautiful and reminiscent of the late Grace Kelly the day she married her prince. She paid homage to her country and fashion legend Alexander McQueen, by wearing Alexander McQueen on the day she was to become royalty. Sarah Burton couldn't have done a better job, she's already doing amazing things at Alexander McQueen and I can't wait to see what else she has to show.

All in all a truly beautiful wedding, and may the couple be blessed and happy.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loving Gucci's new ad campaign!

As it happens every month, most girls and some boys go out to their local mall to go get their monthly dose of Elle and Marie Claire as I do. As I turned the cover page over one of my glossy mags, I see something some beautiful, the new Gucci campaign ad for 2011. Just Love, love, love the use of the Emerald green, ruby red, bronzy-gold and royal purple. We all know Gucci is expensive, but for the first time in a really long time, to me, now it looks expensive. I just think it's a stunning ad to look at, and hope they keep it up.

Till next time,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dame Elizeth Rosemond Taylor (27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011) What a woma!

Liz Taylor's death came as such a shock to me and many others I know. She was someone my generation new about without even having watched a movie of hers or comprehending just how big a star she was. She was most definitely one of the last true living legends in Hollywood. She was the glitz, the glam, the crazy and the beautiful. She literally personified what it meant to be a super star, what it meant to be beautiful, in fact she personified the meaning of "the full package"

My first encounter, if I can call it that with Elizabeth Taylor was probably like every other person my age, when I first watched her portray the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. I seem to remember being in totally and complete silence as I was arrested by her obvious beauty, and then her portrayal of the ever famous queen. The movie really did go on forever, but somewhere inside me I never really wanted it to end. In my mind as a child, and even today as an adult she is Cleopatra.

Before Cleopatra there was "Butterfield 8". One of my favourite movies with Elizabeth Taylor and her very handsome co-star Laurence Harvey. I loved this movie, the clothes, the old school mannerisms, the storyline and of course Ms Taylor. She played a high end call girl and model, something like a 60's version of Pretty Woman. She won an Academy Award for her performance in Butterfield 8.

We've also heard stories of her ever restless love life. She was married 8 times to 7 different men. She was married to Conrad Hilton Jr, yes that Hilton, as in Hilton hotels, then Michael Wilding whom she had two sons with, actor Mike Todd who passed during their marriage and singer Eddie Fisher who she then divocred in 1964. Then the real love of her life entered. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor met on the set of Cleopatra whilst they were both married to other people. They eventually both got divorced to their then partners and married on the 15 March 1964. This was then followed by a divorce and then that was followed by a return to the alter for the two and then another divorce. She then married politician John Warner, divorced him and finally married her 8th husband Larry Fortensky who was a construction worker.

Elizabeth Taylor was so much more than a beautiful actress, she was also an AIDS activist and helped accumulate millions of dollars to help find a cure for AIDS. To me she was a style icon. She was naturally beautiful and sexy without trying to be either. She was well blessed with curves and knew just how to make every inch of her body to look to die for. We will never have another Liz Taylor, but are very fortunate to have seen her before her death.

R.I.P Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

London designer does great!!!

The other day I was on the London fashion week website looking to see what was new and interesting in the world of British. I come across an unfimiliar face by the name of Amanda Wakeley who come with something so refreshing, yet classic.

Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Galliano went 7:30 on the chosen people! Big mistake, huge!

We all know John Galliano is not one to blend into the crowd or be a bore, but today news stations across the world showed that the talented and eccentric designer took it to far.

The king of krazy was caught making anti-Semitic remarks regarding Jewish people, saying things like "I love Hitler"(I guess he's allowed to) and " people like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would be ... gassed and ... dead." That's when I was like you took it too far John. Now I know we all have our hi den prejudices towards certain people, but we keep things like that to ourselves, right?

For those who do not know Galliano was, yes, was the creative director of LVMH company Christian Dior, but later today was official fired from the worlds largest luxury brands company.

Some people say that the video should have no weight on Galliano's talent as a designer. He was off the clock, having wine, speaking his mind, as we're all allowed to do, and didn't know that a video recording was taking place. I totally understand that point, but you shouldn't get caught is the moral of the story or else you get sacked, and good luck finding a job where Jewish people are not customers. Don't they own most industries in the world?

Well I guess now the big question is who will take his old position at Christian Dior as creative director.

I hope everybody learned something from this, and that something is don't mess with the chosen people or else you and your career are gonna be dead as disco!

Peace and love!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Closing Feb with Cole Porter: The king of love songs.

This month my blog came to a total stand still, I felt that something would urge me to write so many nasty things about this years valentines day. I'm single, and filled with happiness for those couples who are happy, and filled with pitty for those ladies and gents who are dating dogs. There it is. What I was avoiding, sounding like a cold, hurt singlton.

I'm not cold or even actually hurt, but I've seen enough that I've become quite the pesimist when it come to matters of being in lust. So I will minimize the bashing of that some what special day, and say I wish all you couples happiness.

To end of the month of love, I have decided to pay tribute to a man who showed his love to the woman he loved, by doing what he did best, writing love songs. Cole Porter is most definately one of the greatest song writers to ever walk this earth, and even more he knew very well how to write that love song that just understands how your feeling or felt about someone. He wrote love songs that we still sing today.

Some of my favourites that bring tears to my eyes are Begin the beguine, Ev'ry time we say goodbye, I get a kick out of you, In the still of the night, I've got you under my skin, Just one of those things, Night and day, Love for sale and so many more. His songs are just timeless and make a pesimistic singlton want to feel what he wrote about.

Music of that era will never be again and that is a very sad thing. Simple lyrics of one confessing or professing ones love to another in the most innocent way is dead. Now everything is sexual and raunchy, the romance is dead, what a pity.

To end of my my tribute to this great song writer, I leave my song of the month by Cole Porter which is Every time we say goodbye, that was recently sung by Natalie Cole. What a magical song, what magical lyrics, in what seems to have been a magical time. Sorry I missed it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My new news!!! Building that winter wardrobe already!

So today I went to Rosebank with the intention to see an old friend for a quick cup of green tea, and to see what was good shopping wise. I went into my main stop, Zoom, like I always do, because I feel like it's such a waist not to check out whats new. And thank goodness I did!

So clearly winter wear is slowly making it's way into the stores. I'm so excited, because winter is my favourite season, reason being you actually have to get dressed.
So as I slowly made my way around the store, I spotted these cute ass boots which really remind me a lot witches. Well, the well dressed ones anyway.

I could go on and on about how much I love my new news, but I won't, just look at them and you'll so understand.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gucci Pre-fall 2011 Colletion: To die!!!

So it's official, I need to start playing powerball, because that is my one and only chance of getting the money I need to acquire this AMAZING collection from Gucci! For anyone who is smart enough to start getting their wardrobe winter ready now, please follow the Gucci guidelines. As I read on, when I was researching what winter trends are going to be in this coming winter, the trends were completely on point, as I saw whilst watching the Gucci show on FTV.

The 50's, 60's and 70's are set to be the main source of inspiration this winter. From the "ladylike" look to in the 50's and 60's, to the more strong and bold "sophisticated" 70's. Faux furs and leathers are also featuring, with crocheting and delicate fabrics like lace. I have just given my dear followers a hint of what trends are to come, but I strongly suggest that if your serious about you fashion, as I am trying to be, you will make time to go onto both and


Saturday, January 22, 2011

I think that red is my new colour this year!!!

All the people who know me know that I have a mini phobia when it comes to colour. I'm not one to go running for neon pink leggings or have rainbow coloured braids. NO, I'm a tad bit more boring and I've been alright with that. Black and I had a very loving relationship for a couple of years. Black was my everything! My underwear, my over wear, my shoes, my hair and nail polish were all black.

I'm not to sure where my unconditional love for black came from, and I didn't care. All I know is that when I looked in the mirror, in my sexy, strong black outfits, I felt and looked amazing. So I say once again, it's a new year and I'm trying new things. Red is my new thing, not my new black, my new thing. I actually started wearing red nail polish last year and found it looked amazing with my skin. That was one of the most adventurous things I had ever tried, and it turned out great! So now I'm doing the risque thing and trying red lipstick!!! I actually love it. Red is quite a strong colour, kinda like my black. There is something about it that makes a girl feel like her booty is bigger than it is, or even her bust is bigger than it is. It's quite a sensational feeling.

I also think that people like me who box themselves in conservative corners, truly miss out a lot on feeling excitement and splendor of what's out there. Fashion is a lifestyle, and all woman should try to be brave and indulge in what there is be indulged. And guess what? If it doesn't work, you can wipe it off, take it off and try something new!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good times, with good friends and a new lip colour!

Yesterday morning this time, I was preparing myself for a job interview. The day was supposed to be completely dedicated to that event, and me clinching the deal. As the day went on and the time for my interview got closer, my nerves got shot. For some reason I couldn't keep my cool this time. I blame it on the fact that I'm hitting the real world, and I'm broke, so knowing some sort of income might be making its way feels great.

So the deed was done, and I left feeling even more horrified! I basically over prepared(if there is such a thing), and had the shortest interview of my life. Feeling beaten and in some state of shock or disbelief, my darling friends rescued and took me to the nearest bar in Sandton square, and managed to find something that could cure the state of shock I was in.

What amazing friends I have, I thought that day! There was nothing more comforting than knowing that people you hold close to your heart, were outside waiting to congratulate you, or ask how it went, how are you feeling, or tell you, you'll get the job my friend. Such warmth and love is just priceless!!!

Oh, by the way, I said this year I would try new things, and I am. I purchased my first tube, or roll, or whatever they call it of red lipstick the other day. Being the boring grandma I can be, I would have gone for my typical powder pink lipstick, that actually matches my powder pink lips. It's a new year and even more a new day, so here I am rocking my red, luscious, delicious, plump, full lips (if I can say so myself) and I really like it. Next time I'll look more of a glamourama, it was a long day people, peace!

(on the left)My darling friends Mmuso, Dineo and Karabo!!!

Mmuso and Alux (on the right)

Mike Biby and Alux.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Glamour: My top 5 Alux looks!

During the early hours of Monday the 17th, I was once again struggling to find a long lost friend, sleep. So as I always do when falling asleep seems to fail, I turned on the telly, and decided to watch the Golden Globes red carpet.

There were an array of well dressed ladies and gents, but we all know in any and every event, there will always be the handful that dazzles us mere mortals who are just ampt and excited to view what's hot in the world of fashion.

I have chosen 5 looks that I felt were absolutely Alux and pulled off effortlessly. These 5 stars need to give their stylists one hell of a thank you, because they looked magical. Each of these looks are perfection, from the fit, to the choice of colour, hair and make up, everything was just as it should have been.

In no particular order, here are the ladies who nailed each of their looks:

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab

January Jones in Versace

Angelina Jolie in Versace

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My new fashion icons:Abiah 'Abiyoce' Mahlase and Rachel Zoe! It's fur real!

In my quest to be more fashion forward and open to new things, I have turned to the "fury" gorgeous friend Abiah Mahlase from Cream Cartel, and my new favourite reality star and fashion stylist Rachel Zoe. Towards the end of last year I started watching the Rachel Zoe project. It was, what I thought an amazing show for a fashion student who wants to go into styling, e.g myself. As well as being educated about the world of styling, I looked for inspiration for a new look for the new year, and boy did I find it. It all started with my darling friend Abiah, who is an inspiration when it comes to fashion. He really goes beyond boarders, but still knows how to make it work. Whether it's high end or second hand store goodies, Abish knows how to make everything look amazing. So one day last year, I went by to Abiah's apartment to have a bit of a chill session, when I had my first and only real encounter with fur! He had purchased a fur coat, which when I tried on made me feel so chic, and made me feel like 1950's screen queen Liz Taylor, I knew that life wouldn't be the same unless I purchased one for myself.

So then months pass and my hunger for the magical fur coat cools, and guess who has a show on vuzu? The fur queen herself, Rachel Zoe. As a reality tv junkie I had to see what this was gonna be about. I loved what she did with Nicole Ritchie and she is a very fascinating person, and successful in a field I would love to enter into, so this was truly an edutainment moment for me. I LOVED the Rachel Zoe project!!! It was really something special. From that angry, no friends, hate the world bleach blond assistant Taylor, to the cute new new "I left vogue for Rachel Zoe" assistant Brad, the show to me was a hit. As I kept watching episode, after episode, I realised that fur, can be a lifestyle! I'm in love!!! I mean, could you die!lol.

I won't purchase any real fur until I'm rolling in the dough and can afford to buy some, so for now I'll keep it faux. Just to show how serious I am about this transformation of mine, I bought a faux fur handbag whilst holidaying in Cape Town at an amazing store named Traffic, that was totally reminiscent of Mrs Zoe and Mr Mahlase. Next stop, my hair. I'm thinking of going all natural and dying my hair, but I'm a sucker for long hair. Those Kardashians really got me in it! Will keep you posted!

Abiah 'Abiyonce' Mahlase

Rachel Zoe