Saturday, January 15, 2011

My new fashion icons:Abiah 'Abiyoce' Mahlase and Rachel Zoe! It's fur real!

In my quest to be more fashion forward and open to new things, I have turned to the "fury" gorgeous friend Abiah Mahlase from Cream Cartel, and my new favourite reality star and fashion stylist Rachel Zoe. Towards the end of last year I started watching the Rachel Zoe project. It was, what I thought an amazing show for a fashion student who wants to go into styling, e.g myself. As well as being educated about the world of styling, I looked for inspiration for a new look for the new year, and boy did I find it. It all started with my darling friend Abiah, who is an inspiration when it comes to fashion. He really goes beyond boarders, but still knows how to make it work. Whether it's high end or second hand store goodies, Abish knows how to make everything look amazing. So one day last year, I went by to Abiah's apartment to have a bit of a chill session, when I had my first and only real encounter with fur! He had purchased a fur coat, which when I tried on made me feel so chic, and made me feel like 1950's screen queen Liz Taylor, I knew that life wouldn't be the same unless I purchased one for myself.

So then months pass and my hunger for the magical fur coat cools, and guess who has a show on vuzu? The fur queen herself, Rachel Zoe. As a reality tv junkie I had to see what this was gonna be about. I loved what she did with Nicole Ritchie and she is a very fascinating person, and successful in a field I would love to enter into, so this was truly an edutainment moment for me. I LOVED the Rachel Zoe project!!! It was really something special. From that angry, no friends, hate the world bleach blond assistant Taylor, to the cute new new "I left vogue for Rachel Zoe" assistant Brad, the show to me was a hit. As I kept watching episode, after episode, I realised that fur, can be a lifestyle! I'm in love!!! I mean, could you die!lol.

I won't purchase any real fur until I'm rolling in the dough and can afford to buy some, so for now I'll keep it faux. Just to show how serious I am about this transformation of mine, I bought a faux fur handbag whilst holidaying in Cape Town at an amazing store named Traffic, that was totally reminiscent of Mrs Zoe and Mr Mahlase. Next stop, my hair. I'm thinking of going all natural and dying my hair, but I'm a sucker for long hair. Those Kardashians really got me in it! Will keep you posted!

Abiah 'Abiyonce' Mahlase

Rachel Zoe

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