Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is life without your girlfriends?

Last night after a hard workout at the gym with a friend, I decided that I would take a shower, have a low fat dinner, and then watch Sex and the city as I slowly drift to la la land. As always, I can't help but think of my girls and what they mean to me, and all the fun we've had whilst watching this tribute to girlfriends around the world. Then it all suddenly dawned on me. If I didn't have my girls, if I didn't have that support system, love, care and drama around me, what would have become of me as a single girl in Jo'burg?

I've always heard that "you are the company you keep". I think it to be extremely true, but not in all situations.I guess I would have been fine, but that bit of spice that the girls added into my life is the difference. I believe that in every group, each individual brings something to the table that is missing in another's life. For example: I would consider myself a tad boring and a bit conservative. I'm the one who tells everyone to lower their voices, because we are in public, or the first one to leave the club on a night out with the girls. My girls have taught me to just live a little and not sweat the small stuff. My girls, and yours too, have given me the gift of feeling so many different emotions, even under duress. Laughter, sadness, anger, shock, support, headaches, dismay, disappointment and the list goes on. They have also created so many memories that I giggle to alone whilst waiting in a Que at a store, or even whilst burning calories at the gym.

One of the most memorable flash backs, was when we had taken a trip to Zimbabwe to celebrate my 21st birthday. Going to Zim was alright, a bit of a bump here and there, but over all we made it to Victoria Falls. We had an amazing time filled with heat, bad food and being scared by monkey's! We walked the Vic Falls trail together, and ended it off with a bit of a groove at a local night club named Shoe Strings. On the day we were to depart and come home, I had just been told that I was going nowhere with an invalid passport! What happens in a situation like that? Everyones hearts, sink to there ass's. I've never been is such terror to do this day. So then it comes to the fact that the girls need to board and that I was going to stay in Zim all by myself. I saw the tears and fear in my honeys eyes and told them in the calmest way possible, that I was going to be fine, even though I was scared out of my mind. My honeys did all they could that day, they gave me their bank cards and a sum of $18 that I was to survive on. To cut a long story short, I'm back home and have no plans to leave anytime soon!

When having those few special people in your life, nothing is ordinary anymore. The greens really do become greener and a bottle of wine is standard for every saturday lunch meeting. Lunch with the girls is one of my favourite passtimes. It feels asthough I'm on a mini break from the world, and that I'm visiting fabulousityville for a couple of hours. And guess what? fabulosityville never disappoints. From our hair, to our outfit, accessories to our shoes, we look nothing but fabulous and fyn! The converstions are crazy, nasty and sometime emotional, but you know girls wanna act strong, so that conversation don't last to long. Also on a day out with the girls you never know where it's going to end. It could start with shopping or lunch, and end at 5 am at a night club. It's quite magaical what we share as friends. It's priceless!

I've always had this belief that your girls are the family that you got to choose. I've met many friends who are closer to each other than their own family. I guess it's all about C.U.T(Comfort, Understanding and Trust). Those three things are essential and pivotal to any sisterhood or friendship. If you don't feel that way with your girls, then their probably not your girls. Having girlfriends is like having your own apartment/car if you don't have one. You can do, say and be anything or anyone you want, and 10times/10 you just wanna be yourself, and that's how they should make you feel. You can say the nastiest things, tell them about your appointment at the gynecologist, how pissed off you are at your boss, or how you really thought it was gonna work out with "him", and it didn't. But that"s what girls are for!To reassure, restore and rejoice when it's good and bad. And there is no better feeling than knowing that they are a bbm conference away,or a phone call away. There is no warmer feeling than know that in this world of 6 billion people, when your happy, they'll be you 3, 4, 5 genuine honeys who will want that for you. We live in a very pretentious world, where you can't really say what you feel and be accepted as you are, but when yo homies are around, everyone and everything can just fall back.

Let's have a toast to all the good girlfriends in our lives! Cheers!!!

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