Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good times, with good friends and a new lip colour!

Yesterday morning this time, I was preparing myself for a job interview. The day was supposed to be completely dedicated to that event, and me clinching the deal. As the day went on and the time for my interview got closer, my nerves got shot. For some reason I couldn't keep my cool this time. I blame it on the fact that I'm hitting the real world, and I'm broke, so knowing some sort of income might be making its way feels great.

So the deed was done, and I left feeling even more horrified! I basically over prepared(if there is such a thing), and had the shortest interview of my life. Feeling beaten and in some state of shock or disbelief, my darling friends rescued and took me to the nearest bar in Sandton square, and managed to find something that could cure the state of shock I was in.

What amazing friends I have, I thought that day! There was nothing more comforting than knowing that people you hold close to your heart, were outside waiting to congratulate you, or ask how it went, how are you feeling, or tell you, you'll get the job my friend. Such warmth and love is just priceless!!!

Oh, by the way, I said this year I would try new things, and I am. I purchased my first tube, or roll, or whatever they call it of red lipstick the other day. Being the boring grandma I can be, I would have gone for my typical powder pink lipstick, that actually matches my powder pink lips. It's a new year and even more a new day, so here I am rocking my red, luscious, delicious, plump, full lips (if I can say so myself) and I really like it. Next time I'll look more of a glamourama, it was a long day people, peace!

(on the left)My darling friends Mmuso, Dineo and Karabo!!!

Mmuso and Alux (on the right)

Mike Biby and Alux.

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