Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy new year, happy new things!!!

So it's a new year filled with new things and new possibilities! I feel that people, and I'm guilty of it too, feel that just because a new year has arrived, only now is it possible to correct old things or start new things. I must say that there is something very refreshing and comforting about a new year. For example: a new wardrobe, a new man, a new job and maybe even new dreams. Oh, and lets not forget about the ever famous new years resolution, that people love to make, but can't keep. I guess there is Solis and excitement knowing that there is something you have promised yourself you will do in the new year. I have promised to get healthy and drop some weight, find a job and give all my love and attention to buying things for my would be apartment and growing closet. This year I was told, is a year of action, making things happen and correcting things too. I couldn't have put it better myself.

I would also love to try and stay a bit more dedicated to my blog, and post more regularly, and add some really lovely and interesting reads towards it. I feel that this year, even more than any other year is so the year for my closet! I was in Cape Town for my December vacation and it hit me like a ton of bricks, that I hadn't developed a true hunger or lust for fashion. I've always felt that fashion is a mistress, it could never be a wife, because it is ever changing and just wants your money!lol. Fashion is an affair that you either parade for the world to see, or hide so you father, boyfriend or husband won't see what you've spent on one pair of shoes. I've always loved fashion, but never really gave it everything. So whilst gallivanting down the streets of Cape Town, I came across countless fabulous stores! Stores that truly embodied style and personified the phrase "to die for". I actually only bought 4 items(4 very expensive items), whilst I was in Cape Town, but what items they were. I got 3 stunning handbags, new and vintage and a vintage shirt, that truly is like no other. There were many other beautiful things I would have loved to buy, but I absolutely believe that you need the classics's first, then everything else will follow.

I have also decided that one of the many gifts to myself and my wardrobe, is to go to Cape Town quarterly and just fly in, shop and fly home. why not? What is life about if you can't spend it doing and getting what you want! Joburg has the style, but Cape Town has the stores! What's a girl to do!

My 3 new favourite things!!! Puts a smile on my face everyday!

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