Sunday, October 24, 2010

Song of the month! Marvin Gaye - "Inner city blues"

I listen to a lot of music on a daily basis, well, because I wouldn't function without it. My love for music is similar to an addiction of chocolate, liquor or whatever it is that one would be addicted to. I have come into a new phase were I am very serious about Motown music. I have always adored the magical Motown sounds and have tried to put together a semi decent collection.

I have classic favourites like Donnie Hathaway, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and many more who have wowed me into this very alive genre of music. I say very alive because as much as it is not popular culture to listen to legendary music like that in this day, when you do listen to it, and you do love it, apart of you feels so alive, or feels as thought it missed out on one of the most exciting times in music.

My song of the month is "Inner city blues" by the one and only Marin Gaye, who is the quintessential pioneer of Motown music. I am addicted to his music and listen to it on a daily basis. There is something really special and real about music of that time. Lovers were really in love, people in the struggle were struggling and good times were just that, good.

"Inner city blues" is just a feel good song as far as I'm concerned, even though it speaks about struggle and pain. I guess I feel good, when I'm having an "inner city blues" day, when listening to this song. Each verse describes a problem everyone has encountered. The song speaks to people who have nothing, people who are struggling with day to day survival, and people who find it hard to pay taxes. Those people exist. I've even started noticing them ever since I developed a relationship with this song. You see them in traffic, on the street waiting for a taxi, in their luxury cars and on t.v. I guess, this song basically makes me feel like I'm not the only one whose struggling, there are plenty of others who are worse of them I am. But, irrespective of that, you go on with life after you've cried and complained about how unfair life is. It has a beautiful, soulful melody, that is very old school and very Motown. You can almost see the hipster's and Afro's as you close your eyes and listen to this master piece. Not to mention Marvin Gaye's very some, sultry, strong voice, seducing you with his words of disapproval. Go out and get it. It's a classic, it's Motown, it's Marvin Gaye!

(Marvin Gaye image is courtesy of google images)

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