Friday, October 22, 2010

Greenside Stories! "The office" review.

Today I decided to hit the vibey and young streets of Greenside, in hopes of capturing fashionable unsuspecting drifters for a school assignment. Fashion media is the subject, and I have to take pictures of what I think is on point street fashion.

So as I try to progress in my quest to find these fashionable young things, my classmates and I get totally distracted by a hip happening restaurant/club named the office. "What an odd name for a restaurant" is what came to my mates minds. It's a quirky, funky spot with half priced cocktails from 4pm - 6pm on friday, and tasty tapas to sooth a roaring appetite. The music is rather on the 80's and 90's side of life which adds charm and nostolgia to the place, not to forget the most important thing, the service! The service at the office is amazing!!! The waiters know just which concoction to offer a customer who is feeling down and out, on top of the world or feeling like a king. Service comes with a smile, plenty of laughs and probably to much liqour!

The office get's a 4/5 from Aluxism! It may not be on the fabulous side of life, but very much the fun side!

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