Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Flashing lights"!

It's been quiet a while since I blogged about anything. My last post was about my work experience at fashion week which was amazing when I look upon it now. The past three months have been hectic. All I've been thinking about is money and working like a demand for it. I have Aluxism which is my brand that I am trying to grow into something sustainable, and into a money maker. I have no issues expressing that money is at the forefront of what I want to obtain, and feel like I'd be lying if I stated something else.

I watched the movie "Wall Street 2", that I felt captured how I feel about money, maybe not as extreme as some people, but the gist of the story I felt spoke to me. Money never sleeps, and neither should you if your on the paper chase. People confuse that fact that fame and money come hand in hand, that is not the case at all. I would rather say that power and money have a better chance. This is why I love Johannesburg. The stench of the hustlers spirit is very pungent and reeks from corner to corner. People in Johannesburg are like no other. We(some of us) work for our money in Jozi. We hustle, kick push and think about coasting once we've made headway. We see the flashing lights, Aston's and Bentley and want to have dinners at high end places like The Melrose Arch hotel and live at the Michelangelo in Sandton.

That is what we do it for here in the city of dreams. If anyone were to say different I'd say your lying. We do for imports like Fendi and Dolce, not for the local industry. Flashing lights is what I call this movement, because Kanye West said it best. "She don't believe in shooting stars, but she believes in shoes and cars"is the most appropriate quote for the female hustlers in my city. We do get blinded by the lights, that bigger things pass us by. But when a Joburg girl is focused, good luck keeping her back.

This post is to everyone who needs motivation and who aspires to live an Alux life, and that is a life not with style, but in it.


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