Friday, October 1, 2010

SAFW - Always a learning experiance.

Fashion week is upon us, and I am one of the many budding fashion lovers who is working at the festive event. It's day 3 of the event, I actually wanted to cover the event on my blog on a day to day basis, but time would not allow it. I have not see any shows due to the fact that I am working for SAFW behind the scenes. It is but a glamorous job that I have acquired, but one that I do enjoy. Helping the process of putting together a show is an intense and tedious process. There are lots of tears, laughs, cursing, shouting, rantings and a sense of solidarity at the end of the day. This job has reminded me of the reason I love fashion and why I want to be in the industry. The message come across loud and clear yesterday when I was on the brink of quitting. "Everything ain't for everyone" was the message that come out. I in vision my own vision and expectations of what I think SAFW will be or what its about, and year after year a different image exposes itself. I finally understand that I may notice or understand it, but have learnt something from it. And learning is one thing like fashion and trends that never stops.

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