Monday, February 28, 2011

Closing Feb with Cole Porter: The king of love songs.

This month my blog came to a total stand still, I felt that something would urge me to write so many nasty things about this years valentines day. I'm single, and filled with happiness for those couples who are happy, and filled with pitty for those ladies and gents who are dating dogs. There it is. What I was avoiding, sounding like a cold, hurt singlton.

I'm not cold or even actually hurt, but I've seen enough that I've become quite the pesimist when it come to matters of being in lust. So I will minimize the bashing of that some what special day, and say I wish all you couples happiness.

To end of the month of love, I have decided to pay tribute to a man who showed his love to the woman he loved, by doing what he did best, writing love songs. Cole Porter is most definately one of the greatest song writers to ever walk this earth, and even more he knew very well how to write that love song that just understands how your feeling or felt about someone. He wrote love songs that we still sing today.

Some of my favourites that bring tears to my eyes are Begin the beguine, Ev'ry time we say goodbye, I get a kick out of you, In the still of the night, I've got you under my skin, Just one of those things, Night and day, Love for sale and so many more. His songs are just timeless and make a pesimistic singlton want to feel what he wrote about.

Music of that era will never be again and that is a very sad thing. Simple lyrics of one confessing or professing ones love to another in the most innocent way is dead. Now everything is sexual and raunchy, the romance is dead, what a pity.

To end of my my tribute to this great song writer, I leave my song of the month by Cole Porter which is Every time we say goodbye, that was recently sung by Natalie Cole. What a magical song, what magical lyrics, in what seems to have been a magical time. Sorry I missed it.

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