Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dame Elizeth Rosemond Taylor (27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011) What a woma!

Liz Taylor's death came as such a shock to me and many others I know. She was someone my generation new about without even having watched a movie of hers or comprehending just how big a star she was. She was most definitely one of the last true living legends in Hollywood. She was the glitz, the glam, the crazy and the beautiful. She literally personified what it meant to be a super star, what it meant to be beautiful, in fact she personified the meaning of "the full package"

My first encounter, if I can call it that with Elizabeth Taylor was probably like every other person my age, when I first watched her portray the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. I seem to remember being in totally and complete silence as I was arrested by her obvious beauty, and then her portrayal of the ever famous queen. The movie really did go on forever, but somewhere inside me I never really wanted it to end. In my mind as a child, and even today as an adult she is Cleopatra.

Before Cleopatra there was "Butterfield 8". One of my favourite movies with Elizabeth Taylor and her very handsome co-star Laurence Harvey. I loved this movie, the clothes, the old school mannerisms, the storyline and of course Ms Taylor. She played a high end call girl and model, something like a 60's version of Pretty Woman. She won an Academy Award for her performance in Butterfield 8.

We've also heard stories of her ever restless love life. She was married 8 times to 7 different men. She was married to Conrad Hilton Jr, yes that Hilton, as in Hilton hotels, then Michael Wilding whom she had two sons with, actor Mike Todd who passed during their marriage and singer Eddie Fisher who she then divocred in 1964. Then the real love of her life entered. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor met on the set of Cleopatra whilst they were both married to other people. They eventually both got divorced to their then partners and married on the 15 March 1964. This was then followed by a divorce and then that was followed by a return to the alter for the two and then another divorce. She then married politician John Warner, divorced him and finally married her 8th husband Larry Fortensky who was a construction worker.

Elizabeth Taylor was so much more than a beautiful actress, she was also an AIDS activist and helped accumulate millions of dollars to help find a cure for AIDS. To me she was a style icon. She was naturally beautiful and sexy without trying to be either. She was well blessed with curves and knew just how to make every inch of her body to look to die for. We will never have another Liz Taylor, but are very fortunate to have seen her before her death.

R.I.P Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

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