Thursday, March 11, 2010

Song of the month!

Hey there! So I have the song of the month for March, in fact I have two of them. I have two beautiful ladies anthems, for those days when you either remeber you douchbag of an ex or when you and your beloved one are havng a lovers tiff. The songs are(drumroll)......... Amerie featuring Fabuolous, "More than love" and Latoya Luckett featuring Ludacris, "Regret". Those two are just amazing songs, by two extremely stylish ladies. "More than love" is typical soulful Amerie, great beats, touching lyrics and an amazing video with Ameries high fashion self. So far I feel like she's just killing this new album "In love and war". Her songs really seem to represnet the name of this albumn, I'm so buying it! Then we have Latoya Luckett with "Regret", a really hot song. My girlfriend rang me last night and told me to watch on a music channel, cause she was losing her mind. As I carried on listening to it I was like, "yeah Latoya, I know a nergo or 3 who regret cos they were acting the fool when I was around, but now that I'm gone, they ain't shit"! I love the lyrics, they are very strong and touching to every woman, cos we all been done wrong, the beat is just perfect, mellow, yet I'm feeling it and the video is ok, but her outfits are on point. I love the studded jacket she's rocking in that vid, just too hot. So there you have it, your songs of the month. Enjoy!

Amerie feat. Fabuolous "More than love". Amerie is officially my new style icon. She kills it repeatedly!

Latoya Luckett feat. Ludacris "Regret". Latoya's studded jacket is too hot! Holla at you honey!

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