Monday, March 22, 2010

WTF was Scott thinking?!!!! Keeping up recap.

So I know that I haven't been keeping up on the keeping up recap, that's my bad, but I felt that there was nothing too exciting to blog about. This past Sunday(21 March '10) was just crazy!!! Scott went to freaking far! It was Kim's birthday so the family decided to go to Vegas to go celebrate the big event. Scott was invited too and what a huge mistake that was. There was a business meeting taking place as well that Kris organised, oh I forgot to tell you, Scott works for Kris now so he was part of that meeting too. I know that Kris has been on Scott's case about not having a job and stuff, but can you blame her? Kourtney is pregnant and her baby daddy ain't got a job, I mean really, can you blame her for being on his case? No!!! So anyway, Scott takes it so bad that Kris is all up in his grill about the situation that he decides to get motherless with Rob at the hotel their staying at. Now here is where the drama starts. The first thing the loser does is interrupt Rob while he is chillin with a female acquaintance, and carries on to call Robs friend a hoe and so on. Then the next thing is Scott is wrecking Kim's penthouse apart and making a hell of a noise while the girls are trying to get ready for Kim's birthday dinner. Then the freakin cream cheese comes through where he is now at Kim's birthday dinner, drunk,causing a scene in front of his boss and Kim's family saying the most crazy things, and then attacks a waiter by shoving a hundred dollar bill down his throat because he wouldn't get Scott a drink(due to Kris's orders). I mean it was complete madness. I knew that Scott was a loser, I just wasn't sure how big of a loser he was. I mean I was so appalled by this that I kept changing the channel. I mean really Kourtney, I know you love your man and want a daddy for your baby, but is he really worth it?

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