Monday, April 19, 2010

Gym, gym gym!!! J-Hud is on it, and now, so am I!

So the other day, I was watching E news and I see someone familiar, but not so familiar. Jennifer Hudson lost a hell of a lot of weight. She used to be bigger than me, now I'm the big one. Once things like that start happening, you kinda wonder and start to think about how you were all that once, but ain't no-more, when in fact you lost focus and thought you'd be the hottest ish in the world cause there are people bigger than you! That mind set needs to change for everyone. I mean I have packed on a little person worth of weight and I know that's not OK, but I still eat and chill, knowing I have a gym membership and someone to help me slenderise. But we must always remember, you can take a pig to lake, but you can't force it to drink the water, well it goes something like that. I know losing weight is all about being disciplined, and that it really isn't impossible and that your the only person who is stopping yourself. So I have decided to capture my weight lose on my blog, so that if I fall flat on my face or don't put in the necessary action and discipline that people on my blog can laugh about it. J-hud looks good, and I'm jealous. Its not freakin better that winter is on it's way, and that going to gym is going to hurt and is going to take a lot out of me, but if I want it enough I guess I'll put in what it takes. It's the 20 May 2010, lets see how I'm doing by the 20 June! Wish me luck!

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