Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Other Half! Part 1

(Jay-z and Beyonce aka The Carter's)

So now we're out of the month of love and into a month of no meaning, but all is still good. There is a new song of the month, new car of the month and so on. I just want to touch on something really quick, I should have used it for the month of love, but it is what it is. Have you ever seen a couple that was just so perfect that you could see the member's of this couple with anyone else? For example Beyonce and Jay-z, Posh and Becks, Will and Jada. Could you image these people seeing other people? No!!! Why do I say no? Because they complete each other! They execute the power couple brand thing extremely well. Jay-z will never be the force he is without his other half B and vice versa. Victoria has been the driving force in terms of Davids appearance and him becoming a brand all together. Will and Jada seem to have a simple kind of love that seems effortless and natural, but between each other.

Where does all this come from?

(David and Victoria Beckham aka DVB)

I have a gorgeous girlfriend, an absolute stunner of a woman who is pure joy, excitement, brilliance and craziness. I've heard about this guy and that guy, my ex my sex and so on. I've hung out with her, laughed, drank, done it all with her and feel that I've seen many sides to her. She's warm and affectionate, very sweet and extremely loving. I could on and on about just how wonderful she is. Anyway, to get to the core of the story, I believe I found her "other half"! That's exciting stuff going on right there. I mean they couldn't be more right for each other! They could be the future Jay and B, Posh and Becks, Michelle and Barack and so on. So I told my friend about this guy and she seemed not a little bit fazed by what I had said so I suggested that they needed to meet. And they have!!!! But I wasn't there!!! It doesn't matter, point is that it went down. It looks like good news, but I still have to find out. I'll be back with Part 2 of "The other half" story. Peace, Alux!!

(Will and Jada Pinkett Smith aka Mr & Mrs Smith)

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