Monday, February 8, 2010

"Keeping up" recap and stuff!

So last night was an hour of "Keeping up with the Kardashian's". Scotty boy just keep's showing what a loser he can be. He looks amazing as if he should be the face of Gucci or Hermes for men or something, but he just looks lie a lazy bastard! Thaqnk goodness that Rob is about to move on because he was being a little biatch about the whole Adrienne story. He cheated and now he needs to face the music, that Adrienne don't want him no-more. And whats worse is that he has her name tattoo'd on his body, for life, so how's that going to work with the next woman in in life? Best get that laser quick! Oh, and oor Bruce! Kris is a greedy little munchkin who needs to let Bruce be a man and have his own account, his own money! I mean he works hard for it, so he should get to spend it. I mean Bruce and Scott don't have a freakin chance with them crazy women! I love em like banana's, but seriousl they need to relax!

Holla at ya tomorrow, hopefully with some exciting news!

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