Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The music industry is a joke!"

Beyonce Knowles

Taylor Swift

The day started off really bad, I was super exhausted, I couldn't fall asleep last night and the reason is truely pathetic. It was all because of Taylor Swift!!!! I was watching the grammy's last night and come to the conclusion that the music industry is a joke! The fact that Beyonce "Powerhouse" Knowles Carter loses to Taylor "I don't even know what song of your was a hit" Swift can happen means that we can all win. I mean this is Beyonce Knowles, aka Mrs Sean Carter, Taylor Swift never had a chance. Taylor needs to send Kanye West a thank you letter on the real! So if you would like a grammy, fly to the States and release a wack, absolutley boring album! At the same time, I am only one person, I guess there are people who love her rediculously weak music out there and they share in Taylor's achievement. Lets not get it twisted, I like country music. I mean Carrie Underwood, she's incredible. She has a such a strong, beautiful vioce and some really lovely songs. If she won I would totally understand. But no, Taylor Swift won. Anyway, I'll get over it. Alux!

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