Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new, new on thee Aluxism blog!

I have a new segment for the blog, not that it's new, but its going to be a fixture . I'm not sure how often this segment will feature, but I'll let it be known. What is this thing that I'm talking about? A car feature of course!! I'll be looking at new cars, old cars, good cars and other cars. I absolutley love cars! The same way people love dogs, or collecting shell, I love to look, sit inside and invision myself in something ridiculously stunning! In a previous feature on the blog, I mentioned that sometimes I feel like a Maserati. Expensive, gorgeous and uniqe. Sometimes I feel like a conquest, tired, boring and unattractive. This however is nothing like that. I'm going to talk about the car, whether I wish I had it or didn't, whose driving, is it a good car or not, where I saw it and what my boys on top gear have to say about it. Todays car is(drum roll)................ The BMW 760i! Let's give it a hand! Seriously, I thought the previous 7 was like the best that BMW would be able to do with a 7, but no, they did just beautiful. It's the kind of car you drive and really become a serious bully. Its only the best with that car, from the enjoy to the luxurios interior and it's well toned body. The new 7 is kind of like looking at what Miranda Priestly
would have looked like if she was car. Seriously, that car means business. Imagine a C-Class or an Audi A6 next to this god of a car, it's like Beyonce being in competiotn with Taylor swift,why would you do that, you don't have a chance! The 7 series is said to be the first car with internet, but who cares, its a hot car that moves! I'm sold!I've never been a beemer fan, but I wont lie, it's out done ever other car in it's league. Wait, wait, I take that back. The S-Class by Mercedes-Benz is very much a hot car too. So I won't go to the extremes, I think I'll leave it at it being amazingly beautiful and move on. I could have this conversation all day and say, but no, what about the Maserati Quattroporte? So I'll leave it there. Alux!

7 Series
(Images are courtesy of google images)

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