Saturday, January 30, 2010

New year, new things and new song of the month!!!

So its finally 2010!!! The year that optimism booms and people find their other half, make money or whatever!!! There are no limits I belive this year, sky is turely the limit!! On a personal note, I want to change a couple of things myself and prosper in some ventures this year. Firstly, I'm on that healthy tip this year, out with the carbs in with the fruit and veg. Not the most exciting times when it comes to meal time, but by the time the hot Arabs, Italians, Greeks, french, German and Latino's arrive I should be in tip top shape!! Girls you need to really get on it this winter, South Africa is going to be a spectacular playground with gorgeous men trying to see them fit, African women! I already see and hear girls getting on their plans of action so that they are not caught unprepaired or left behind when the Billi's rock up! Secondly, I needs to find job so that the good times can carry on rolling and expand that wardrobe!!! Tridly, I need to Finish school and just live my fabulous Alux lifestyle, because I am! I mean here is an example: A friend and I went out to one of our regular hot spots for a drink, then guess what happend? What always happens, expense champagne, expensive meals and gorgeous locations!!! If I didn't have school, I'd be in the thickness of that lifestyle, cos its how we do!! But moving on now, I would also like to announce this months song of the month. (Drum roll)............ Bad habits by Maxwell!!! I love this song!!! The video is just so sexy with those two beautiful people Maxwell and Kerry Washington. the beat is on point,very sexy, flirty and passionate at the same time. The lyrics, just so beautiful, it's music like this that makes people just wanna be together!!!

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A new thing that I'll be doing on this blog is having a "Keeping up with the K's" section where I basically talk about the show "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" and the crazy, fashionable, scandalous things the family does. The posts will appear every Monday so keep a look out! Anyways, gots to go and this year I will be on this blog like a crazy person so watch out! Peace!

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