Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aluxism Song of the Month!

Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony, Marc Anthony, Marc Anthony!!!! He is such an amazing artist. I don't say singer or actor, but artist. He's something else! I watched a movie named "El Cantante" where he was just brilliant. I forgot that I was watching Marc Anthony and that some other man was on that screen!! He's just sensational! But this is not about his acting, this right now is about the song of the month, which is by Marc Anthony. I actually have two songs by him that I am absolutely in love with! The first is "El Cantante" which makes you wanna shake you goods and learn how to salsa! Its that summer music that needs to be played. The second song is more deep and just so beautiful, "Que lio". I don't know how to discribe how beautiful that is. I don't know if I should start with Marc Anthony's voice, the band or the lyrics. Its one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard in a minute. So I would suggest that if you haven't watched the movie watch it, only if your a lover of latin music like I am.
Holla later, it's the A!!!!

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