Friday, January 11, 2013

Giuseppe Zanotti: The most innovative shoe designer alive!

Shoes! One of the great loves of my life and, the only thing I don't mind being broke from. It seems that I have an appetite that cannot be satisfied when it comes to shoes.

About two years ago my life changed when I was "introduced" to the brand that is Giuseppe Zanotti. Fun, flirty, charasmatic, sexy and bold are just a few adjectives to describe the amazing footwear Mr Zanotti produces.

I was on Polyvore two years ago and that was how I found out about the most amazing shoe designer in the land. His shoes excite the everything in me(I know that doesn't make sense)! I do not have the words describe how fantastic his creations are and how they make me feel.

A couple of images to excite your eyes!
(Images are courtesy of Polyvore)

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