Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November song of the month!!!!

So I know I've been rather quiet, my bad!!! Its been hectic for reasons I can't even explain.Its my BIRTHDAY Month!!!!!!! I'm super excited, due to the fact thati will be turning the big 21!!!! I'll be caputing moments of my last days of being 20 and my entrance into turning 21!!!

So I have chosen this months song of the month. Who else could it be but Jigga!!! The song he has named Empire state of mind featuring Alicia Keys hit the core of me the first time I heard it!

The first time I heard the song was when I was watching the Jonathan Ross show on BBC prime and he performed it with an unknown singer. She was amazing!!! I was left in tears because the performance was just out of this world. I had never heard the radio version with A.Keys before this, so this was the first time I know what the song sounded like. Its brilliant, inspiring and beautiful!!! Big up Jay!!!!

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