Friday, September 11, 2009

Women who are Alux!!!

Aluxism is a company that I registered early this year. The blog I have created is all about me and my movement that is Aluxism. What is Aluxism you ask? It is a movement about me. Thinks I like, people who inspire me, food I like, cars, holiday destinations, fun, business and anything that I like. Don't think that I'm super vien now!!!! Aluxism only exists because of people out there! I am inspired daily by people I know and strangers I meet. People have introduced things to my life that I never would have known about, that have made me Alux!!!! Aluxism is a movement of style, class, fun, work and even more play!!! S0 to antbody feeling this movement, join my blog and lets do this

Your truely,

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