Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This months Alux song!!!

Chrisette Michele

So I have decided that every month on the Aluxism blog, we should have an Alux song of the month, whether it be new or old! I'm really excited about this because I love music to the core of me. So I have decided that this months Alux song is........................... Epiphany by Chrisette Michele!!! I absolutely love this jam!!! Its on my phone, which means I'm killing it!!! I just love the words and think its a brilliant break-up song or I'm fed-up song!! I bet us Alux girls could appriciate what the words are because we've been in that position. I'm not to crazy about the video, but the song rock my world!!! I must say that there is another song that I am really enjoying, so I have decided that this month, on the last day, we will have 2 songs for Alux song of the month. So the other person is.........................Amerie, Why r u!!!! I love, love, love this song!!! I know a lot of people are not feeling it, but I really think it rocks. Its another song that some of us can relate to. Cos men can just drive you crazy and they become it for you and you lose focus of everything else!!! Relavent songs I think. Until next time, this is Alux!!! Peace!

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